Sunday, March 1, 2009

The David Wills House in Gettysburg

Hello Everyone,

On President's Day 2008, I took a trip to my favorite town of Gettysburg and visited the newly opened David Wills House.  In November 1863, this was the home of David Wills and is where President Abraham Lincoln stayed prior to giving his famous Gettysburg Address.

President Lincoln arrived in Gettysburg on November 18, 1863 at the local train station and went to the Wills home.  President Lincoln was invited to Gettysburg to provide "a few appropriate remarks" as part of the ceremony dedicating the National Cemetery.  While at the Wills house, President Lincoln meet with Pennsylvania Governor Curtin, said a few words on the public and then completed his now famous Gettysburg Address. 

Here are a few photos from the museum:

Here is a pocket hymn book that soldiers would have carried with them.

Check out the prices for things like corn and flour on this sign!

This is the key to the bedroom where President Lincoln slept

Here is a chair in the bedroom where President Lincoln slept.

Here I am checking out the actual bed that President Lincoln slept on.  Did you know that they took the headboard off of the bed in the summer time so it would be cooler when sleeping?

This is the saddle that on the horse President Lincoln rode to the cemetery on November 19, 1863.

I hope you enjoyed this post on my visit to the David Wills house.  I hope to go back soon and visit the train station where President Lincoln arrived so stay tuned for that post.  

Do you have somewhere near you that played a role in the Civil War?  If so, I would love to come visit you.  Check out my wiki at

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