Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hope on Lee

Hannah on Women in the War

Jordan P. on Lincoln

Picture This!

Learning is fun, but feeling like you’re there is even better. Thanks go to librarian Mr. Richards for “GIMPing” me into these photos.

Flags, Shawls, & Assorted Reproductions

Mrs. Barford’s class had a wide array of Civil War paraphernalia. I don’t look as good with a beard as President Lincoln did.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arrived in Jim Thorpe!

I arrived safely at the L.B. Morris School in Jim Thorpe, greeted by Mrs. Barford’s fifth grade class. This morning I had the chance to visit the school library where Mr. Richards talked about buglers, bugle calls, and the battles which took place at Gettysburg during the summer of 1863. We heard the story The Last Brother, written by Trinka Hakes Noble and illustrated by Robert Papp. We also watched two scenes from the movie Gettysburg, in which one of the troops talked about how many bugle calls they had to learn. Remembering all those calls had to be tough!

I’ll post more after I explore a few things around here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Leaving Bridge Valley...

I was so sad to leave my friends in Mr. Controy’s class. I had a great time and we learned so much about the Civil War. Now I am headed off to Jim Thorpe! Mr. Controy tells me there are some great mountain biking trails up there. Remember to look for our BrainPOPs in the near future...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Hey Friends,
What a day I had in Mr. Controy’s class today. Even though Mr. Controy’s class is not able to access MANY of the wonderful web 2.0 instructional tools available to the rest of EDUCATIONAL WORLD, his class sure knows how to have fun learning with a bear! Today I visited two computer labs and helped the children work in SMART Notebook. We javascript:void(0)went outside for recess and I played on the jungle gym. The girls also showed me how to play four square. After four square I played “The Battle of Gettysburg” with the boys. Needless to say, that was an interesting experience. Tonight I am having a sleep over with Katerina. She promises to take good care of me. Yesterday I had a sleep over with Zea. She is going to write all about our experience and post it to the blog. Tomorrow Mr. Controy promised to take me on a virtual tour of the Civil War. He mentioned something about using a green screen and his amazing MacBook. The way he talks about his MacBook you would think it was his best friend! Thank you Sarah for letting me stay an extra day. We are going to have sooooo much fun learning tomorrow. Oh… I almost forgot, tomorrow is “bring your children to work day” and that means I get to meet Mr. Controy’s son, Noah. Look for some pictures real soon!

I'm at Bridge Valley Elementary!

Whewwwww! It feels so good to be out of that stuffy box! Yesterday I had a chance to meet the children in Mr. Controy’s 5th grade class. I learned that they are studying the American Revolution right now. I was so excited to show them how many years past from the end of the American Revolution at the Battle of Yorktown to the beginning of the Civil War. Today we watched a really cool movie on Discovery Streaming and Mr. Controy and I taught his students all about Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Controy showed me this really cool website called BrainPOP! Moby (a robot) and Tim taught us more about the Union and Confederate States. The students had to take a quiz at the end of the BrainPOP! I had to take the quiz too... and guess what? I scored a perfect 10 out of 10! Mr. Controy asked me if I would help his students make their own BrainPOP’s for the Civil War. Needless to say, I said YES! I am going to fill in for Moby the robot. I heard he is home sick with a bad cold. This project is going to take us a couple of days so look for BrainPOPs in the near future!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good-bye Clarion Area Elementary...

I said good-bye to my 1st grade friends at Clarion Area Elementary. We learned so much about Lincoln and the Civil War in a such a short period of time. I can't wait for my next adventure... I'm headin east to Central Bucks!

My visit to Clarion's Historical Society

I got to visit Clarion's memorial park, directly across from the Court House. I saw the Soldiers Monument and 2 cannons! I learned that the monument was erected in 1898, and was the first such monument to be erected in a public park in the state. The monument is made of white granite, and stands 47ft high. At the top, there is a flag bearer surmounting the capital. The monument reads:
In Memory
Of The Soldiers
Of Clarion County
Who Served Their Country
In Its Hour Of Peril

There are four granite statues representing the four arms of the service -- Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Marine. Midway up the monument, carved in relief are the badges of the 13 army corps represented by Clarion County soldiers-- the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 18th, and 24th Potomac Cavalry.

I also visited the Sutton-Ditz House Museum. I learned that Colonel Calvin A. Craig, from Clarion County served in the Civil War. Check out the images below... AND check out the pictures above. Many of Colonel Craig's things were on display.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Lincoln Videos

I'm exhausted! We worked really hard today! I helped the 1st graders work together to create a skit about Lincoln. We didn't have much time... so we really had to stay on task! The students each took on the role of either Lincoln, or a Union or Confederate soldier. I got to be in each skit too! What fun!

~ Lincoln Songs ~

B-7 had a great time creating songs about the different stages of Lincoln's life. I got to help them run the iPod... I love to sing about Lincoln with my new friends. It was so much fun! Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~ Our Lincoln Timeline ~

Wow! Check out the timeline that I helped the students in B-7 create! Aren't their pictures lovely? They sure did a great job showing us some of the important events in Abraham Lincoln's life. Click your mouse on the timeline to move it from left to right. Click a date to see a picture, and click a picture to see it bigger!

They also did a Voicethread...

~ We learned about the Civil War ~

Today I learned more about the Civil War with my 1st grade friends. Mr. Sacolic, the 2nd grade teacher did a presentation for us! He showed us many neat pictures, and even how a Union soldier would have dressed during the war. We sure learned a lot! I helped Mrs. B make a video of the presentation. Check it out!

~Skylar writes about Mr. Sacolic's Presentation~

I went to mr sacllix to see some of the pictures of the civil war I lernd abuot Abe lincoln .We got to see what they put thar food and water in.

~ Rach writes about Civil War Sallie ~

Today Civil War Sally was in are room.We made a timeline about Abe lincoln My part was when Abe studied to be a lawer. I got to hold Civil War Sally . Civil War Sally is a girl and is in a dress a blue and red dress she has a flag and a bow and shes a brownish blond bear . Abe made a speech it is the GettyburgAddress its famis andthats cool. Abe was are 16th presdint and thats speichl.

** 1st Grade writing is unedited

~ Hannah writes about Civil War Sallie ~

When Civil War Sally came we got to take her on morning walk.I played with her at reses.She was just at mrs. A's class she was with globle garelas and she travels arond the u.s.a. We took her to library. She gose to badel feleds.She is a boyds bear.

** 1st grade writing is unedited

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Civil War Sallie arrives in Clarion...

I arrived safely at Clarion Area Elementary this week. The kids in B-7 were extremely excited to see me! On Monday we spent some time talking about Abraham Lincoln and his role with the Civil War. Mr. Sacolic, (who teaches second grade next door) was kind enough to share some of his Civil War resources. I just loved the Civil War display that Mrs. B set up :)
We read books and watched a Discovery Streaming video clip on Abraham Lincoln. When we were finished, the students and I had to move between three different centers to do our own research. We had to do some "fast-fact" papers and read books to locate the correct answer. It was hard work, but we worked well together!
1st Grade then talked about timelines. We decided to create a timeline of Abraham Lincoln's life. We picked some important events, and each student took a year to illustrate.
Check out the slideshow below~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mercer County and the Civil War

Mrs. Abernethy took me to Mercer County after school yesterday. We stopped at the site of a Civil War Memorial in memory of a regiment from Mercer County. You can learn more about this memorial by going to the Mercer County Regiment Memorial site. We also went to the Mercer County Historical Society and looked at a great Civil War exhibit. Global Gorilla, Mrs. Abernethy's class mascot went with us. View our pictures below:

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