Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Civil War Museum Part 2

Hello Again,

In my first post, I showed you some of the photos from my recent trip to the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. Today I would like to show you some more photos and tell you more about what I learned.

This is the bible that was owned by Confederate General Robert. E. Lee

This is a piece of wallpaper from the Peterson House in Washington, DC. After President Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater, he was carried across the street to the home of William Peterson.

This is a medical display at the musuem. The surgeon is getting ready to cut off the leg of the wounded soldier on the table while another soldier tries to hold him down. He is biting on a piece of rope to help with the pain.

As part of the events that day, the Victorian Dance Ensemble displayed some Civil War era dancing. You can read more about Civil War Dancing in this post.

Finally, outside of the museum is a monument showing Sgt. Kirkland giving water to a wounded soldier at the Battle of Fredericksburg. This brave confederate soldier risked his life to give water to wounded soldiers from both the north and the south. For this he earned the nickname, "The Angel of Marye's Heights"

If you are in the Harrisburg area, be sure to stop by the Civil War Museum. You can see more photos from the museum on my Flickr page.


Monday, February 16, 2009

National Civil War Museum Part 1


Yesterday, I went to the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA. I enjoyed learning about the Civil War. I also got meet President Lincoln and have my picture taken with him. I even remembered to wish him a happy 200

Me with President Lincoln

I enjoyed going through the gallery and looking at the different artifacts about the Civil War. They had displays on slavery, medicine, music, artillery, the role of women in the war and lots uniforms and equipment the soldiers would have worn. In the gallery, they also talked about the Camp Curtain that was located in Harrisburg, Pa. Camp Curtain was a Union training camp during the Civil War.

Here are some photos from my visit:

Here I am looking at a diorama of battle of Antietam, this is Burnside's Bridge

Some of the cooking utinsils solders would have used

Did you know that soldiers played marbles, chess and dominos?

Here is a photo of some drums and a bugle. Soldiers played music both in camp and while marching to help regulate their day and to pass the time.

In part two of my visit to the Civil War museum I will show you more photos of what I saw and learned.

Sallie Ann

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Civil War Dancing

While visiting the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg recently, I had the chance to watch the Victorian Dance Ensemble do a great demonstration of Civil War era dancing.

Here is short video of them dancing. During the dance you can hear the dance master giving directions to the dancer. For example, in the beginning you hear him say honor your partner and honor your opposite which means that the men will bow to the ladies and the women curtsy to the men.

In this next video, you see the dancers performing a quatrain. This dance would have been one that Mrs. Lincoln would have danced during one of President Lincoln's inaugural balls. I aslo learned that Mrs. Lincoln did not dance with her husband, but instead danced with Steven Douglas who ran against President Lincoln.

I hope you enjoyed these dances. To learn more about Civil War era dancing, please be sure to check out the Victorian Dance Ensemble's website.



I want to say "Thank You" to all those that stopped by my table at PETE&C
. For those of you that signed up for me to come visit I can not wait to come and learn and meet the kids in your classroom. We will be able to share the information I learn about the Civil War with so many people.

Sarah did a great job answering the questions you may have had about me. I would like to introduce my NEW cousin Pax which
means peace in Latin. Pax will be traveling around the world. Both Pax and I got to make our big debut at PETE&C.

Here is a photo of me and my cousin Pax

I would like to thank Mrs. Abernethy for signing up to be my first person to see me after the Middle School Computer Fair.
Here is a photo of Mrs. Abernethy signing up for me.

Later in the day, I took part in the Teaching the Civil War with Technology session where in addition to learning about me, teachers were able to learn different methods for teaching the Civil War.

Sallie Ann