Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visit to Montgomery Cemetery

I learned a lot on my visit to Montgomery Cemetery in Norristown, PA. Founded in 1847, this cemetery has many historic grave sites. Of particular interest is Major-General John Frederick Hartranft - he led the charge that took the bridge at the Battle of Antietam. After the war, he became Auditor General of PA and went on to serve two terms as PA's Governor.

My friends Maureen and Jackie were nice enough to tour the grounds with me. We saw the graves of the Schall family who lost several sons to many American conflicts. We also visited Lizzie Brower who died in 1919 and was a volunteer nurse during the Civil War.

I also learned about Major-General Winfield Scott Hancock - he was a key figure in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was important during the Abraham Lincoln Conspiracy trial. After the war, Major-General Hancock ran for President of the US and was narrowly defeated by James Garfield in 1880.

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