Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here In Waynesboro, Pennsylvania!

I arrived on Monday, October 18, at Saint Andrew Catholic School which is located on East Main Street. Down this very street rode Confederate troops in 1863. More about the town's history in a moment...

My hosts for this trip are the 4th Graders and Mrs. Haffner. We have been reading If You Lived During The Civil War and You Wouldn't Want To Have Been A Civil War Soldier to gain background knowledge. Several of the students have ancestors who were in the Union Army.

The town of Waynesboro is in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It is in the Cumberland Valley. It is two miles from the Mason-Dixon Line. During the days of June and July, 1863, the town was under the Confederate flag for 13 days. When Lee passe through the town headed north, he stopped in the town square. At the time, there was a water pump there. Lee dimounted his horse and got a drink. Then, he gave his horse Traveller a drink. A week before the Battle of Gettysburg, Major General Jubal Early's division passed through the town as they were headed north. Check my blog for Tuesday, October 26, to find out more about the occupation of the town.

This weekend, I am staying with Mr. and Mrs. Haffner who have an extensive Civil War art collection which I will view. We will be visiting historic sites, including one with an incredible view. I will post about my weekend jaunts tomorrow along with some photos.

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