Thursday, February 24, 2011

Civilwarsallie visits Broadfording Christian Academy

[We are slow to put these on the blog because our computer teacher was at PETE-C, President's Day, and snow days]
We were so excited to have a guest. Then we found out it was civilwarsallie. It was Valentines' Day. We got four new people in our class. We took civilwarsallie to library class. by PR
Day 2
Our 5th grade class is having lots of fun with civilwarsallie. We have taken lots of pictures, some at Art, Music, and recess. Tuesday a teacher named Mr. Dobbs came to our class dressed up like a civil war soldier. He showed us what a soldier needs to survive the war. Mr Dobbs brought a canteen, a backpack, an ammunition cartridge, and a musket for us to see. Best of all Mr. Dobbs got to meet civilwarsallie. MH
Day 3
Today is Wednesday and civilwarsallie got to visit some teachers. This morning she went to Art class where she got to meet Mrs. Karroll! She had a wonderfultime. Later she went to recess. She got to cheer for her team. Around 2:30 we had music class and Sallie wanted to come. She got to meet Mrs. Smith the music teacher. Then she sang away. I am sure that we all had a great, great day! BD
Day 4
We had lots of fun with CivilWarSallie today. The class took her on a tour of the school. Sally got to meet people and see new places. She got to see some old friends who had died during the Civil War when we visited the cemetery across the street. Sally even got to see a dancing frog on her tour! We wish she didn't have to leave. But we had fun while it lasted, we will miss you when you leave Sally. FK
Day 5
Sally went to chapel. In song 3 we sang about God. We had fun. Then we had fruit and cookies. Sally thought they were good. JG

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