Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Military Room

Hey this is Civil War Sallie! Guess what! I got to go to the Historical Museum. The best part about it was I got to go with Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars!!!! I learned that the first Greenville causality in World War II was, James O. Jordan and the first one in Korea was Jack Loutzenhisor and in Vietnam was Paul W. Bush. I had so much fun!! My favorite room was the Military Room. That's were I learned that. Lexi's favorite room was the Military room too. After we left we went to have lunch and Lexi shared her's with me because we were talking and becoming friends because we both liked the same room at the Historical Museum. I really like this class because they talk about me and say nice things. They also get me in a lot of pictures with them I love it because they make me feel like a celebrity!! I feel so popular!! Also the Creative Cougar is my friend. In the pictures we are usually beside each other. Well got to go because we are going to the Canal Museum right now. I hope you liked my blog!!
Sincerely, Civil War Sallie : )
By: Lexi
From CivilWarSallie

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