Monday, July 18, 2011

Green Mount Cemetery

In July I visited the Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. Green Mount was established in 1838 as a Rural Garden Cemetery. This is the main entrance to the Cemetery. Confederate soldiers were once arrested at this gateway after attending the funeral of a fallen comrade.

This unique grave belongs to A.S. Abell. In 1837 Abell founded The Baltimore Sun. He was a trend-setter in several areas: he established the daily Pony Express from New Orleans in 1847, and he was the first to use telegraphy to transmit news. Abell also used carrier pigeons to get news stories to the Sun as fast as possible.

I visited the grave of Olivia Cushing Whitridge. She was the first person laid to rest in the Cemetery. It made me sad to realize that she only lived to the age of two.

I'll be blogging more about my visit to Green Mount soon. Right now I just want to sit back, enjoy the gardens, and perhaps find a hive of honey to snack on. I'm excited to let you know about some of the other people buried at Green Mount!

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