Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sallie is spending the day in fifth grade at Saint Joseph School today and she is learning about the division over slavery that occurred before the Civil War in the 1830's. She is also learning about which states were considered slave states and which were considered free. Tariff-this is also a word that Sallie learned today. She did not know that a tariff is very similar to a tax. Sallie also found the Supreme Court case of Dred Scott to be very interesting and she didn't understand why he was not awarded his freedom. Sallie will also be joining in on a discussion with a Deacon from the church, who will be teaching her, and all of fifth grade about the Sacraments. Sallie also learned a little about ratio and probability while sitting in on a Math class. She seems excited about being here! I hope tomorrow she can do some other fun activities with fifth grade!

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