Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manasass National Battlefield Part 1

Welcome to the Manasass National Battlefield Park. I visited this park on 19 July 2009 while they were having the annual commemoration of First Manassas or Bull Run for 148th Anniversary of July 21, 1861 battle. They had living history encampments of Union and Confederate troops; musket and artillery firing demonstrations; and Park Ranger tours of battlefield to describe phases of battle over Matthews Hill, Henry Hill, and Chinn Ridge.

I started the tour by the visitor's center and was surprised at how large an area of land out there. I think the park is a 5,000 acre classroom with miles of walking trails, many farm houses, monuments, and two visitor centers. I was really worried about walking around this huge place.

Well, I didn't have to do too much walking as I received an escort from the Prince William County Police, Mounted Patrol. Thanks for saving my paws!

From the main visitor center (Henry Hill), we went to Judith Henry's house, but first looked at the location of the Captain Rickett's Union Artillery Battery during 1st Bull Run.

We next stopped at the house of Judith Carter Henry on top of Henry Hill. A really big part of the battle happened on Henry Hill, so Mrs. Henry was in the middle of it. She was 84 or 85 years old and bedridden, refused to leave her bedroom during the battle. Confederate soldiers hide behind her house so Union artillery fired at the house with on shell hitting poor Mrs. Henry. Her grave is just outside the house (on my right).

On the other side of Mrs Hill's house is the first monument put up by Union veterans in 1865.

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