Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NECC 2009

Hi! Sallie here,

I just wanted to tell everyone about my trip to Washington D.C. for the National Education Computing Conference. I had a great experience and learned many different things. I learned that many different countries also learn about the American Civil War. I shocked because different countries lean about something that happened in the United States.

My friend Sarah and I did NECC Unplugged and the Student Showcase. My friend Sarah was interviewed on ISTE Connects during the Student Showcase. Now, you can follow ISTE Connects on Twitter, they are @ISTECONNECTS.

I also got to meet a pig from Ireland on Sunday during the International Reception. I may get to go there because there was an Irish Brigade in the Battle of Gettysburg. I would also like to thank everyone who came to my booth during the Student Showcase. I also met people that use a lot of technology and are now following me on Twitter.

Here are some of the people I met while I was there:
Here I am with Kevin Honeycutt from Kansas

Here I am with Wil Richardson from Weblogg-Ed

Here I am with Jim Gatesat the PAECT Reception.
He is a great technology integrator from Pa

Here I am with Jimbo Lamb a great math teacher from Pennsylvania

Here I am Chris Lehman from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

Here I am with Adam Fry who runs Wikispaces
Did you know my homepage is built using wikispaces?
It's a great tool for teachers.

To see more photos of me at NECC, you can go to my Flickr page. I also want to introduce someone special to me. I want you to meet my stunt double, Sallie. She is the one who travels with my friend, Sarah and her family.

All in all, I had a great time at NECC and I hope to present next year in Denver.


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  1. Luv the website, I heard about you on "civil war stories" and thought I would check this out.
    Stay in touch
    P.S. It is nice to know someone about my age has the same intrests.