Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today, October 8th I toured Hindman Hall Visitor Center and Battlefield Museum, with the Rayburn family from Tennessee. I learned about the different types of Artillery that was here during the Battle of Prairie Grove, December 7, 1862.

The Battle of Prairie Grove was the last time two armies of almost equal strength faced each other for control of northwest Arkansas. When the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi withdrew from the bloody ground on the night of December 7th, it was clear Missouri and northwest Arkansas would remain under Federal protection.

Artillery at Battle Prairie Grove
10-pounder Parrot Rifle: US (10): CS (0) - Range: 1900 yards or 1.1 miles
3-inch Ordnance Rifle: US (8): CS (0) - Range: 1850 yards or 1.1 miles
14-pounder James Rifle: US (8): CS (0) - Range: 1850 yards or 1.1 miles
Type 1 James Rifle (6-pounder smoothbores modified with James’ rifling system): US (0): CS (2) -Range: 1700 yards or 1 mile
6-pounder smoothbore gun: US (8): CS (13) - Range: 1523 yards or .8 miles
Confederate 2.25-inch Mountain Rifle: US (0): CS (up to 4) - Range: 1100 yards or .6 miles
12-pounder Field Howitzer: US (8): CS (8) - Range: 1072 yards or .6 miles
12-pounder Mountain Howitzer: US (12): CS (3) - Range: 1005 yards or .6 miles

I enjoyed looking at the Rifled and smoothbore projectiles with Danita the office manager.

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