Monday, May 23, 2011

Rufus S. Reed 2

Hi I am Civil War Sallie and I will tell you about the Rufus S. Reed 2 at the Canal Museum. The Rufus S. Reed 2 is a freighter and it went up and down the Erie Canal with supplies to keep the builders to keep building. The frieghter held whiskey, coal, sugar, salt, and much more. I also learned that the people had to sleep outside on top of the freighter. The water that they sailed on was so dirty that you could not even touch it.

From Brenden

From CivilWarSallie

Sleep in a Boat!

Hi I am Civil War Sallie. I learned that you can sleep in a boat! I learned so much at the Canal Museum and at the Waugh House Museum. I learned so much with the Creative Cougars and I hope I can go again.

From CivilWarSallie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Military Room

Hey this is Civil War Sallie! Guess what! I got to go to the Historical Museum. The best part about it was I got to go with Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars!!!! I learned that the first Greenville causality in World War II was, James O. Jordan and the first one in Korea was Jack Loutzenhisor and in Vietnam was Paul W. Bush. I had so much fun!! My favorite room was the Military Room. That's were I learned that. Lexi's favorite room was the Military room too. After we left we went to have lunch and Lexi shared her's with me because we were talking and becoming friends because we both liked the same room at the Historical Museum. I really like this class because they talk about me and say nice things. They also get me in a lot of pictures with them I love it because they make me feel like a celebrity!! I feel so popular!! Also the Creative Cougar is my friend. In the pictures we are usually beside each other. Well got to go because we are going to the Canal Museum right now. I hope you liked my blog!!
Sincerely, Civil War Sallie : )
By: Lexi
From CivilWarSallie

Riverview Hotel

Hi my name is Civil War Sallie and I got to go to The Historical Museum with Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars. The thing that I liked the best is the Riverview Hotel. The reason I like the Riverview Hotel is because the shoes in the closet were way different than our kind of shoes! The second thing that I like is the Military room because it has a lot of cool stuff like the Purple Heart. I personally thought that was really cool! If you ever come to Greenville I recommend you go to the Historical museum. I wish we could have stayed there all day!!! But of course we went and ate lunch. After lunch we played games in the rec center. Then we went to the Canal Museum.
From CivilWarSallie

Coal is Cool!

Hi! I'm Civil War Sallie, and I am here to tell you all about the coal on the boat we saw. I was with the Creative Cougars who are very famous. We went to the Canal Museum that is in their town, Greenville, PA. We learned all about the two different kinds of coal. One is all coal with nothing added, but the other is coal with sulfur in it. The type of coal with nothing added in it is heavier than the type with sulfur in it. It was fun to touch, but it got my fur all black. That reminds me that I still have to get that off!! Bye, now where is the mirror?
By: Suzy
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In this picture the kids are playing and eating lunch. We were about to go inside for recess. I had alot of fun eating lunch with the kids. Also we were playing duck duck goose.
By: Ashley

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Picture from 1868

Hi! I'm Civil War Sallie. I'm staying with the Creative Cougars. I went on a field trip with them. I want to tell you about a painting that was on the wall. It was a painting of a picture that was greenville in 1868. There was a big fire that burnt down every building on Main Street except for the brick buildings. I think that I recognize some of the buildings! I thought that learning about Greenville's history was very interesting. I loved spending the day with the Creative Cougars. Sincerely,

From CivilWarSallie

Wooden Carved Bullets

Hi, my name is Civil War Sallie. I spent a day with the Creative Cougars and we went to the Historical Museum. The museum was full of Greenville's history. This is me looking at wooden carved bullets. It was a blast. My favorite room was the Military Room.
By: Josh
From CivilWarSallie

The Parlor Room

Hi I am Civil War Sallie. I really liked the parlor room in the museum. I think it was really amazing! It had a lot of old antiques. The one thing I really liked was the ostrich egg. I thought that was really interesting because it was so huge. I really liked other things in that room also. Like my second thing that I liked was the children's piano. IT even made noise. I thought that was really cool also. My third thing is the old typewriters. I liked a lot of the other things.
By: Hayli

From CivilWarSallie

Hand sewn flag

Hi my name is Civil War Sallie and i am visting the Creative Cougars for a whole week!! I went on their field trip with them to the Historical Society. It was really fun and cool!! During my visit, I discovered a souvenir and it was a hand sewn flag. I got my picture taken with the flag to remember my visit. I really enjoyed going to the Historical Society with the Creative Cougars and I hope to go again sometime!!
By: Cheyanne

From CivilWarSallie

Miss Beuchat

Hi! Im Civil War Sallie, and I am With The Creative Cougars at East Elementry. We just went on a field trip to the Historical Society Museum. Here's a picture of us learning about the Waugh House from Miss Beuchat. She taught us about the house and how it was the oldest in the city of Greenville. The theme this year was the Civil War! Isn't that cool? Well I've got to go. Bye!
By: Paul
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greenville Historical Society

Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars took me on a fantastic field trip today! We went to the Greenville Historical Society and the Erie Extension Canal Museum. I was excited to see there were lots of artifacts from the Civil War. The students will write about some of the things we saw and learned later. Get ready to read their posts!

From CivilWarSallie

From CivilWarSallie

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to East Elementary

I arrived at East Elementary in Greenville, Pennsylvania today. I received a warm welcome from Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars.

From CivilWarSallie