Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visiting Lancaster - Reynolds Birthplace, Square, and Convention Center

Once we were in the city and parked the car, we walked onto King Street and found the Reynolds House marker. This marker is outside a building on the right hand side of the street. This is where General Reynolds was born and lived for much of his life. Although the location has been modernized and is now a gallery on the first floor, we were very excited to be at this location and to think about what happened here so many years ago. Julia and Nathan read the marker and talked about what the city may have looked like at the time of General Reynolds' birth. They were pretty sure that there wouldn't have been any construction equipment around!

Next we walked up the hill to Lancaster Square. There we found the Soldiers and Sailors monument. This monument was built in 1874 to honor the brave citizens who lost their lives to save the Union during the civil war. As we walked around this monument we found many inscriptions. We even found a plaque with Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address printed on it. You can see more pictures of this monument on my Flickr page.

After we read the many inscriptions on the monument, we crossed the street and entered the new Lancaster Convention Center. After you travel through the HUGE and beautiful lobby and down a long hall and a set of stairs, you arrive at a glassed-in archaeological site. They are excavating a cistern that was at the rear of the Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Smith properties. Historians believe this cistern was used to hide escaped slaves as part of the underground railroad. The historic preservation trust is turning the Stevens and Smith properties in to an interpretive museum. I want to come back and visit when it is complete!

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