Friday, March 12, 2010

Departure from Pangburn

Wow!!! I had a full two days since I last blogged. The kids at Pangburn keep me busy. Yesterday, we spent some time just checking out my blog and out my posts about my travels. I sure have covered a lot of places in a short time. I think I impressed the kids. :) Today, we spent some time learning about Harriet Tubman and what an amzing woman she was. Fredrick Douglas was also talked about because he sure did accomplish a lot during his life time. We also talked about how difficult it must have been for General Lee to surrender to Grant in Virginia after losing so many men. The kids at Pangburn donated several things to me before I packed up to leave. They gave me my very own Pangburn Tiger t-shirt and it actually fits me! A huge thank you to Mrs. Janet Reaper and her high school class for making it for me. Another huge thank you to local author, Mrs. Kimberly Langley, for donating her book. It is titled " Another Time" and has Grayson who travels through time from the Civil War era to the future. She even signed my copy and I am definitely going to spend some time reading it during the long trip to California to visit the kids at Christ the Lord Catholic School. Another huge thank you must be said to Mr. Turley and son, Derik, who created a wooden true-to-the-size Civil war sword replica. I now have another box traveling with my original one because I am collecting so many things. Everyone is been so kind about giving me things. Well, I'll hush until next week when I greet the California kids. Take care until then...Where is that book? Ahh.....Adios, Sallie

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