Monday, March 8, 2010

Arrival at Pangburn

Today, as I arrived at Pangburn, I found about 60 4th graders learning about which side of the war that each state joined. We found out that Arkansas joined the Confederacy.
We discussed the differences between how the battles were fought back then as compared to how we fight modern wars today. We also talked about how difficult it was to survive a battle back then and how many soldiers died.
We talked about the reasons for the war such as different viewpoints about slavery, Lincoln's goal to perserve the Union, and the shots fired on Fort Sumpter.
I shared the CD of the battlefield music and the kids loved the drums.
I'll be back on Wednesday. Sallie

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  1. I can't believe what fun I had today with the kids at Pangburn. We have learned so much about the Civil War this week. We had no idea that the Old Military Road ran just outside of our town. We also learned that the closest courthouse to us which is in nearby Searcy was built right before the Civil War and it actually survived the fighting and raiding. I will share a picture of the courthouse on my site later. We also talked about about the closest battle that took place to us. It was a small sneak attack by older men and young boys who supported the Confederacy. They heard about the Union troops camped just outside the city of Searcy along the Little Red River which also runs through Pangburn. The Union troops were crossing the river to conduct raids on the local homes. When the local men and boys heard about this, they attacked, won the skrimish, and returned safety home. This was called The Battle of Whitney Lane. I had to travel to the local library to review local historical records to find about this battle because it does not show up on the Civil War battle maps.
    The kids took me on a short tour of their school today and we took a few pictures together. I was so tired, I decided to travel to Mrs. Melissa's home for a safe peaceful night.
    I'll check back tomorrow and let ya'll (new southern word for me)know what we learn tomorrow. Goodnight, Sallie