Monday, April 2, 2012

Fort Sumter Today

I have really enjoyed my time with Ms. Lewis' classes. I have learned a lot of new information about the Civil War that I did not know. Today, I learned about the attack on Fort Sumter and how that was the start of the Civil War. Then I saw current pictures of Fort Sumter. It is now a national park that people visit in Charleston, S.C. I listened to a read aloud of Soldier's Heart. It seems like it is going to be a good book. So far, the main character Charley Goodard has enlisted into the army in Minnesota but he is not yet a man, he is only 15. When he arrived at Fort Snelling, he was given a pair of black pants, that were too short for him, a shirt, and a floppy black hat. He has learned to load and fire his weapon. Charley also has to do "drills" to help prepare his group for war. I leave Ms. Lewis' class tomorrow so I will not know how the story ends. I hope my new friends will keep me posted on how it all ends.

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