Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Civil War Sallie arrives in Clarion...

I arrived safely at Clarion Area Elementary this week. The kids in B-7 were extremely excited to see me! On Monday we spent some time talking about Abraham Lincoln and his role with the Civil War. Mr. Sacolic, (who teaches second grade next door) was kind enough to share some of his Civil War resources. I just loved the Civil War display that Mrs. B set up :)
We read books and watched a Discovery Streaming video clip on Abraham Lincoln. When we were finished, the students and I had to move between three different centers to do our own research. We had to do some "fast-fact" papers and read books to locate the correct answer. It was hard work, but we worked well together!
1st Grade then talked about timelines. We decided to create a timeline of Abraham Lincoln's life. We picked some important events, and each student took a year to illustrate.
Check out the slideshow below~

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