Thursday, April 15, 2010

A final day in Tuscaloosa

Two days before I left Tuscaloosa, a girl in my class named Erin took me to Capitol Park. Capitol Park is the site of the old Capitol building, because Tuscaloosa used to be the capital of Alabama! Actually, Tuscaloosa became the capital of Alabama in 1826, seven years after Alabama became a state. (The capital moved to Montgomery in 1846, which then became the first capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War.)
A fire burnt the capitol building in 1923 and turned it to ruins. However, the little that was left of the building was preserved. It has now made Capitol Park a cool hang out spot for Tuscaloosa natives. To the right you will see me on top of one of the piece of rubble, and below you will see another part of the old capitol building.

The day before I left I went home with Lucy. She lives right off of University Boulevard very near the battle where the battle of Tuscaloosa began. She took TONS of pictures of some very cool historical buildings around the area. Some of the places she visited were the Governor's Mansion, the Old Tavern, the Friedman House, the old bridge site that was part of the Tuscaloosa battle, and the Jemison house. Some of these pictures are posted below. For the rest, be sure to check out my album on Flickr!

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