Thursday, April 1, 2010

Island Grove - 3/30/10

Kenzie took me back to school in the morning. That is when another student took me to an historical site. His name is Remi, and I was with him all day. First, he took me to Social Studies, and we learned about Hitler and World War II. I thought it was quite icky! It made me remember all of the awful things that happened in the Civil War. After Social Studies, Remi went to recess, but he left me behind; he said it was an accident, but I'm not sure I believe him. I think he didn't want to be seen with a doll.
After he came back, he took me to a special class called, "Templates." It was boring. I already know how to read! Then a little while later, he took me home.
We went to his house and stayed there for a little bit but then went to Island Grove. I had my picture taken at least eight times. Island Grove is a place where rodeos happen where they ride horses, bulls, and it is a great place to go with your family and have fun.
After we left Island Grove, we went back to Remi's house, and I watched Remi do his homework. He never asked me for any help. Darn it! Afterwards, we watched a little TV. Then I ate dinner; Remi's mom made steak. It was delicious. After that I watched Remi and his little brother play his Xbox 360. They even let me take a turn. I failed 22 times! Rats! Remi's brother was kind of annoying. Finally, we went to sleep. I was exhausted!

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