Thursday, April 1, 2010

Historical Greeley Hospital - 3/29/10

The second day, I was given to one of the students named Kenzie. I sat on her desk for the day. I saw work and notetaking on plants and animals that they can eat on their Survival Field Trip for Friday. I think that is disgusting, but they have to do it to get a good grade. Mrs. Sage also ate a piece of plant as she was showing the students how to tell if a plant is poisonous or not.
The bell rang at 2:00. I thought that was the best thing ever. I got to go to a different place. I went with Kenzie in her mom's car and went and got Sonic. Kenzie tried giving me a drink of her soda, but I didn't want any. Then we drove to Kenzie's home. I helped Kenzie with her homework. After homework, we went and met Kenzie's friend, Devreigh. We went to the park and played. Kenzie's grandmother, Sharon, picked us up and took us to the old Greeley Hospital where she lives. It is an apartment building now. I have a beautiful picture of me right in front of the old hospital.
We then took, Blondie, Kenzie's grandma's dog, on a walk. We even got to go blow bubbles. Next, we went over to Kenzie's friend, Krystina's house, to give Kenzie and Krystina time to practice their dance for the talent show tryouts. I was pretty impressed; they could really dance well to Star Struck.
After that, it was time to go home and eat dinner. We had goulash. I remember eating goulash when I was in the Civil War, but this was a lot yummier. After eating, I went with Kenzie to her room for her to read to me. After that we watched a small part of the movie, "Princess Protection Program." Then it was lights out and time for bed. I am very tired, so good night!

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