Friday, April 2, 2010

Historical Plumb Farm - 4/1/10

After staying with Quen, I went to stay with a girl named Sophie. We got to go to Library for Specials. We typed on the computer, and the kids edited their paragraphs. Sophie is a pretty fast typist! Next, we went to Math, and I took a test. I got 25 points out of 27 possible points! Yeah, me! Then we went back to the Computer Lab to take a survey about how to make our school even better. When we got back to class, I loved to watch the kids blog about me and doing their writing. To end the morning, Sophie took me to Social Studies with Mrs. Vogt. In there, we talked about Hitler some more, and it scared me even more than last time. We even got to watch a video.
I was so glad that Sophie took me out to recess. We got to swing on the playground and walk around in the field. I got lots of love from Sophie's friends. We went into lunch then, and I stayed with Sophie's friends at the table until she got out of the lunch line. I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat anything.
After lunch, Sophie had a reading test. I really didn't want to, so I just watched Sophie take it. From what I could tell, it looks like she aced it. She is very smart - her teacher told me that. After the test, we went to Sophie's Advanced Reading class where I watched the kids present their Wordles about Shakespeare's life. Sophie talked about his last will and testament. It was pretty interesting except I think he might have been a bit strange. Finally, it was Options Time, and we had Math Stations, but Sophie went upstairs to share a story with the 7th graders in Mrs. McWilliams class. I don't know why, but she didn't take me!
Once school was over, we drove home and stopped by Plumb Farm on the way. Plumb Farm is now a petting farm museum, but it used to be an active farm when Union Colony, now Greeley, was founded. While I was there, I took pictures at the house; I was kind of scared because there was a lot of metal and a lightning storm started up. We also got to take a picture by the harvester contraption. Then we went home to Sophie's house. I was glad to get inside. At Sophie's, we got ready to go to a Seder Meal. It went until 10:30 p.m. A Seder meal is where the Jews and Christians celebrate Passover. When we got home, I was really tired, so we all just went to bed.
Friday morning, Sophie brought me back to school and handed me off to Mrs. Sage. I'm a bit worried because it looks like we are doing something strange. She has handwarmers, ponchos, snacks, and juice on each student's desk, so I think she is going to drag me along on their Survival Field Trip. I hope I make it! More to come later.

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