Friday, August 21, 2009

The Clara Barton Camp

While visiting the Clara Barton Birthplace in North Oxford, MA, I also learned about the Clara Barton Camp which surrounds Clara's childhood home. The Clara Barton Camp is owned and operated by the Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc. The camp is for girls who have Type I diabetes. The Barton Center also runs Camp Joslin, a camp for boys with Type I diabetes in the neighboring town of Charlton.

Everyone at camp has a lot of fun. This is one of the cabins at the Clara Barton Camp.

This is the pond where campers can swim.

There are a lot of trees to climb at the Clara Barton Camp.

Clara Barton is not the only important person that was born in Oxford. Dr. Elliot P. Joslin, who was also born in Oxford, MA, became one of the first physicians to use insulin to save the lives of children with diabetes. Dr. Joslin helped create the Clara Barton Camp and Camp Joslin. Here is a picture of Dr. Joslin.

I made a lot of new friends at the Clara Barton Camp. I will post some more pictures tomorrow.
To learn more about the camps and the Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc., please visit

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