Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I found in D.C.

Hello! Sallie here,
Here I am hanging out with my friend Sarah in D.C.

In addition to going to Ford's Theatre, I found the place where Clara Barton worked to find missing soldiers. I loved seeing the place where Clara worked. It inspires me and my friend Sarah to do the same. Here Clara Barton found 22,000 men from the war. This is also why Clara Barton went down to Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Did you know that when some workers took down a wall in the building, they found documents handwritten by Miss. Clara Barton herself.

Here is the sign to show people where she worked

Here is the sign in front of the building

If you ever go to D.C., see if you can find this place. If you want to learn more about Clara Barton go t0 my blog and read these posts.Till next time.............

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