Monday, August 24, 2009

Safe and Sound at the Jacksonville Museum of Military History in Jacksonville Arkansas

I arrived in Jacksonville Arkansas today and the weather is beautiful! I'm told it is usually hot and humid in Arkansas in August so I guess I lucked out. I'm staying at the Jacksonville Museum of Military History where I'm learning all about the military history that took place in this area. Some of the history dates back before the Civil War including the building of Military Road and the Indian Removal to Oklahoma. Of particular interest to Civil War Buffs I'll be learning about the Battle of Reed's Bridge which took place in Jacksonville Arkansas 136 years ago on September 10th. Tomorrow I'll be helping the guys that are sprucing up the Vietnam Era plane, the F-105. It's on display outside the museum. The dedication for the F-105 is Sept 29th so we have to hurry. Wednesday I'll be going out to Reed's Bridge Battle Site to meet some re-enactors and explore the battle site first hand. On Thursday I get to fly a on a C-130!!! I'm so lucky I arrived when I did so I could hitch a ride. Not many people get to ride on a C-130 and this is the newest model! I'll being leaving from the Little Rock Air Force Base at 6:45 in the morning and flying down to Marietta Georgia where they make C-130s. The Little Rock Air Force Base is located in Jacksonville Arkansas and it is the largest C-130 base in the world! People come from all over the world to Jacksonville Arkansas to learn how to fly C-130s If you want to learn how to fly a C-130 you have to come to Jacksonville Arkansas. Well, I need to get my things put away and get some lunch. We'll talk more later.
Love Sallie

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