Friday, August 21, 2009

Yesterday I toured the town of Oxford. During the Civil War, many men from Oxford volunteered to serve with the Union Army. Unfortunately, many Oxford men also died during the war. Oxford's Town Hall was built to honor the town's Civil War soldiers. Here are some photos of Oxford's Town Hall.

As you enter the building, several large plaques list the men from Oxford who died during the Civil War.

Several men from Oxford died at the Confederate Prison in Andersonville, GA. After the war, Clara helped identify the men buried at Andersonville and helped create the cemetery there. Here are two men from Oxford who died at Andersonville. I wonder if Clara knew them?

Everyone in Oxford is proud that Clara Barton was born here. Even the Oxford Police Department honors Clara Barton.

There is also an elementary school in town named after Clara.

Clara Barton is buried in North Cemetery in Oxford. She is buried with her parents and brothers and sisters.

In my next blog entry I will tell you about the Clara Barton Camp in North Oxford.

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