Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've had another busy day at the Clara Barton Birthplace Museum in North Oxford, MA.

Clara Barton became famous during the Civil War by collecting supplies for the soldiers and nursing wounded men on the battlefield. After the war was over, Clara opened a Missing Soldiers Office to help families find missing loved ones. During the war, many soldiers were buried in unmarked graves. Clara helped families find missing soldiers by publishing lists of the missing men. The photo below shows me looking at one of Clara's lists of missing men in the museum.

Clara Barton also founded the American Red Cross in 1881. Clara responded to many natural disasters in America during her 23 years as President of the American Red Cross. She delivered relief supplies to victims of Mississippi River floods in the 1880s and to the people of Galveston, Texas after a hurricane in 1900. Clara also provided relief and medical care to American soldiers in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

Clara Barton was a very busy woman who continued to help others well into her 80s. Just reading about all of Miss Barton's accomplishments makes me tired.

I will tell you about Clara's hometown of Oxford, MA tomorrow.

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